About Us

Who we are

J’adore bio is a family business devoted to natural beauty, wellbeing and sustainability. It reflects everything we wanted as customers – pure, effective and safe cosmetics made with finest natural ingredients.

How it all started?

When in 2016 we watched a documentary about chemicals in cosmetics and their impact on health, we read ingredients lists in our bathroom all night. Effect? Empty cabinets because 90% was thrown to trash … At that time we considered ourselves to be conscious consumers as we bought only organic foods and always analysed their labels! Cosmetics not, because we trusted that big brands won’t encourage us to put petrol on the skin to be beautiful (?!). It was a big mistake and we promised ourselves it will never happen again. We decided to completely change our habits and did the research about harmful ingredients in beauty products.
Skin is the largest organ in our body so we must pay close attention to what we apply on it. Since then, we became knowledgeable about natural skincare and created our own “black list” of chemicals we should avoid in cosmetics. We shared this knowledge with our family and friends, but it was not enough for us. We wanted to spread the word and reach more people. That is when we came up with an idea to open our own beauty boutique. We dreamed it would be a place with niche European brands and carefully selected products. We are very proud of what we accomplished and we hope you will enjoy shopping at J’adore bio!