Natural Christmas Gift Ideas

Natural Christmas Gift Ideas

Ho ho ho! Who doesn’t love the Christmas time? Beautiful lights everywhere, songs we only listen to in this time of the year, delicious food and of course Christmas gifts!

Have you already bought presents for all the family and friends? If not, this post may help you find some natural beauty inspirations! Christmas time is the great time to spread the word about natural cosmetics and the family-led, niche brands we offer at J’adore bio.

Christmas gift ideas – natural cosmetics

Here are some natural holiday gift ideas that will surely please many people from your list!

1. Luxury natural cosmetics – Christmas gift for mum

Christmas gift ideas for her

We all know mums deserve to be spoiled! Treat your mother with luxurious natural cosmetics made in Poland. Clochee cosmetics have amazing ingredients, they are very effective reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines – and their packaging is beautiful (made from recycled materials)! This natural skincare routine setSoothing Cleansing Oil, Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and Nourishing Rejuvenating Serum will be your mum’s favourite Christmas gift!

2. Natural Soy Candle – Christmas Gift for a friend

Soy Candle Hand Made Christmas

Lighting scented candles quickly change the atmosphere of a room by setting a warm, cosy feeling. Natural candles made with soy wax are even better as they are completely non-toxic and safe for your health. The most popular paraffin candles are made from petroleum oil and synthetic scents. Hagi Cosmetics soy candles are 100% natural, scented only with essential oils and thanks to that they really smell lovely! Soy candle will be a perfect natural gift for your friend this Christmas!

3. Natural christmas gift for her – Organic Cosmetics Set made in France

Christmas gift for her

Wrap up something natural this Christmas for your mother, wife or sister. All cosmetics from this set are made in small batches in France. The set includes a floral, hand-made soap, 99% aloe vera mist made in Provance and organic walnut & camomile peeling. Women in all ages and of all skin types will love these natural cosmetics!

4. Christmas gift for him – Organic Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics christmas gift for him


Last, but not least – organic duo made in France which can be a perfect Christmas gift for boyfriend, husband, brother or father. Men love L’esperluete soap No.6 as it has a very warm scent of cedar wood and is very versatile as cold process soaps can be used to wash hands, face and the whole body! The second natural product we recommend is a delicate aftershave lotion in the convenient form of mist. It contains organic aloe vera juice, known for its antisceptic and regenerating properties, as well as verbena flower water which delays skin ageing and promotes healing.


We hope you liked our natural Christmas gift ideas. All of them, and more, are available on our online boutique . We offer fast and cheap delivery across the EU so you don’t have to worry if your perfect gifts arrive on time!

Have a merry eco-friendly Christmas!


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