Natural & Organic Cosmetic Labels

Natural & Organic Cosmetic Labels

Want to understand the requirements of organic cosmetic certifications? Here is a quick explanation!

An organic certification on cosmetic means it must be made of mostly plant-based ingredients, and meet specific standards for production, handling, processing, and labeling. The ingredients must be grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, GMOs, or synthetic pesticides. Let’s look at some of the associations.


COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) was developed by five biggest certification organisations: BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), Ecocert (France), ICEA (Italy) and Soil Association (UK). They defined a single, harmonised standard, so called “The COSMOS standard” and from January 2017 any new cosmetic certifications provided by them must be COSMOS approved.

To obtain COSMOS ORGANIC label at least 95% of plant-based ingredients must be from organic farming. If water is used, its quality is essential and must comply with high hygienic standards. All chemically processed plant-based ingredients must be made from agricultural raw materials and comply with the principles of “Green Chemistry”. The standard also guarantees that waste during the manufacturing process is minimised. All manufacturing premises are inspected once a year to check if quality and integrity of products is maintained.

To obtain COSMOS NATURAL label product must respect all COSMOS ORGANIC requirements except for the proportion of organic ingredients. This means no GMO, animal testing, synthetic fragrances and colorants whatsoever.

New natural cosmetics standard - COSMOS

NATRUE – True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

NATRUE is a non-profit association registered in Belgium providing 3 levels of certifications described below.

First level – Natural Cosmetics – derived natural substances (fats, oils, waxes, lecithins) and nature-identical substances (when natural substances are difficult to recover) must be approved for use in natural cosmetics. No GMO, animal testing and synthetic fragrances are allowed.

Second level – Natural Cosmetics with Organic Portion – at least 70% of natural ingredients must come from organic farming. First level standards must be met as well.

Third level – Organic Cosmetics – at least 95% of natural ingredients must come from organic farming. First level standards must be met as well.

Natrue organic cosmetics

The above certifications are well-known, strict and you can truly trust their products. We have created our own “organic” label which can help you when shopping at It means that product has one or more certifications provided by ECOCERTBDIHSoil AssociationCOSMOSNATRUE or COSMEBIO.

Organic by J'adore bio


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