Niche Natural Skincare Brands You Need to Know

Niche Natural Skincare Brands You Need to Know

More and more people choose to live more simply, naturally and consciously. Usually diet is the first step when it comes to lifestyle change, although cosmetics are also important. We’ve all heard that skin is the largest organ in the human body… but how to take care of it? Start trying some nice brands that use only pure, natural and earth-friendly ingredients! We’ve listed some of our favourite below, together with price ranges and types of products they sell. We will continue to update the list, so if you know any interesting, niche cosmetics brands – please share them with us in comments below!

Make Me Bio

J'adore bio

Products | Skincare & Hair
Price Range | 4€ (Rose Water Mist) – 15€ (Face Cream)

Make Me Bio is a best selling natural brand in Poland. They believe that natural cosmetics are not only better for our health, but since they are kind with our skin, they can deliver amazing results! We highly recommend their face creams – they are light but provide an adequate moisture.




Clochee vegan cosmetics

Products | Skincare & Body
Price Range | 16€ (Face Toner) – 45€ (Face Serum)

Clochee is a luxurious Polish brand of all-natural cosmetics created by two ambitious women. Their packaging is 100% recycled and ingredients with organic certificates. Clochee believes in the power of plants and minerals and that’s how they create their products. We love their face cleansers!




Kozmetics natural beauty brand

Products | Skincare & Body
Price Range | 8€ (Eye Treatment) – 15€ (Body Mist)

Kozmetics is a UK-based brand founded by dr Magdalena Koziol, who personally formulates all products and then tests them on herself! She loves simplicity and this principle is visible in all Kozmetics products – their ingredients lists are short and 100% natural. All cosmetics are also vegan and hand-made, what more can you ask for?!



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