Summer Natural Beauty Essentials

Summer Natural Beauty Essentials

Summer is already here, and if you are travelling soon this post may help you pack your summer beauty bag. In case you are spending your holidays in the city, we have some natural products that will take you right to the beach with their exotic and fruity notes.


Relaxing micellar water

Forget those harsh, astringent toners that relied mainly on alcohol to dry out skin. Micellar water from Clochee perfectly cleanses and refreshes skin without causing irritation. A must-have this summer!

Clochee Relaxing Micellar Water, Price: 17€


Chamomille hydrosol

Face can get dry on the plane and after a day on the beach. Make sure to pack some calming hydrosol to nourish the skin and prevent unnecessary redness. We like Chamomille Hydrosol from Bioline which comes in a handy and elegant spray bottle.

Bioline Chamomille Hydrosol, Price: 6.50€

Chamomile hydrosol






Macadamia oil

At J’adore bio we are obsessed about natural oils. We use them all year round on face, body, nails, hair… literally everything! We had to include Macadamia Oil to the list of “Summer Essentials”, as it is perfect for holidays and summertime. Apply it on hair after swimming in the ocean or on the body after a day in the sun to feel it’s moisture-locking properties.

Bioline Macadamia Oil, Price: 8.90€

Citrus Body Mist

You know what looks great with a summer tan? Luminous and glowy skin! The moisturising oil mist from Kozmetics will help you to enhance your holiday beachy style. It’s 100% natural, hand made and smells like your favourite summer drink on a tropical island.

Kozmetics Citrus Oil Mist, Price: 14.90€

Shea Body Butter

Shea Butter is renowned for its nourishing and protecting properties. It won’t clog your pores, but allow your skin to breathe freely. Try it this summer to make your skin moisturised and make tan lasts longer. We love Shea Body Butter from Bioline because it’s all-natural, certified organic by Ecocert but still reasonably priced!

Bioline Shea Butter, Price: 10.90€

Organic Shea Butter






Bali soy candle

We’re obsessed with Hagi Cosmetics’ soy candles and this scent is one of our favourite.  It will take you on the beautiful beaches of Bali wherever you are… so stop counting days until your holidays – just light up this organic soy candle and relax!

Hagi Cosmetics Bali Soy Candle, Price: 9.90€


Enjoy every moment of summer!

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